• Handcrafted Slate Frames - Victorian Ash
    Handcrafted Slate Frames - Victorian Ash Handcrafted Slate Frames - Victorian Ash

Handcrafted Slate Frames - Victorian Ash

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Hand crafted on site, these slate frames are modeled on the frames used by the Royal School of Needlework.
The timber we use is specifically chosen for its ability to resist bending due to the forces applied when lacing a project.
We only use Australian timber. All metal components (staples & pins) are stainless steel.

Please note that these Slate Frames are usually 'made to order' and are generally not stock items.  We do occasionally have a set for immediate dispatch. You should allow approximately 2 – 3 days to manufacture. Thank you.

  • 8" tape with 14" sides (gives 8" x 12 " opening)
  • 12" tape with 16" sides (gives 12" x 14" opening)
  • 12" tape with 24" sides (gives 12" x 22" opening)
  • 18" tape with 26" sides (gives 18" x 24" opening) RSN size small.
  • 22” tape with 34” sides (gives 22” x 32” opening)
  • 24" tape with 32" sides (gives 24" x 30" opening) RSN size large.
  • Custom size made to order

CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE Contact us for a price.

More Information
If you require a combination that is not listed please let us know.
• When determining which size to buy, add at least 6 inches beyond your finished design measurements for the roller and at least 10 inches to the vertical length.
• A finished design size of 13 inches square would require a frame consisting of 24-inch rollers, and 24-inch slats. You should round up to the next larger size on the horizontal or vertical measurements.
• The design of the frame has been made to accommodate either embroidery fabric or needlepoint canvas.
• Our extra firm tape on the rollers does not stretch when the fabric/canvas is mounted and the frame is assembled.
• Every set of rollers comes with a detailed set of mounting directions.
• It is recommended you also purchase our Londonderry Linen Size 4, Lacing thread which does not stretch like twisted cotton threads, straight pins, and Chenille needles to assemble the frame.

Londonderry Linen lacing thread is available in a separate listing.


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