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Silk Striped Gimp

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Filament Silk Wrapped Gimp is a gorgeous, versatile thread that was commonly used for 17th century embroidery. This thread was made by wrapping a silk core thread with another silk thread around the outside, making a very fine cord. The result is a stiff thread similar to gold threads yet coloured. This range consists of two families of matched striped fine silk gimps. These colour families are designed for making couched or french knot rocks for grottos that are shaded. The striped colouring helps to emulate the look of granite. The threads can also be couched down as an outline or can be used to fill in shapes or other affects, the same as the solid colour gimps. The silk striped gimp is also fine enough to be placed in a needle eye and stitched from basic knots to needlelace. 10 metres per reel.

First three colours are Gold Blue Family - 120, 115, 106

Second three colours are Rust Blue Family - 112, 103, 109


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