• Hardanger Filling Stitches: A Step-by-Step Handbook

Hardanger Filling Stitches: A Step-by-Step Handbook

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Hardanger Filling Stitches: A Step-by-Step Handbook by Yvette Stanton

The ultimate, exhaustive filling stitch dictionary for specialist Hardanger embroiderers.

One of the major features of Hardanger embroidery is its cutwork, and within that cutwork there are myriad stitches that can be used to embellish and decorate. This book brings together the widest range of Hardanger filling stitches ever compiled, with more than 100 filling stitches and variations.

It includes both traditional stitches and contemporary ones, from the very simple right through to the incredibly complicated, all broken down into clear, step-by-step instructions with diagrams for every step.

There are color-coded left-handed (red) and right-handed (blue) instructions for every stitch. A Hardanger band sampler project features many of the stitches. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, making it easy to learn.

Whether you're a learner who works best by seeing (the illustrations) or reading (the words) or both, you can find success with the instructions in this book. You will learn to avoid problems and have the self-assurance to fix any mistakes you make. Yvette Stanton's expert instructions will help you on your way to making beautiful Hardanger embroidery filling stitches.


Inside 'Hardanger Filling Stitches'

Hardanger Filling Stitches has 280 full colour pages, which means it's a heavy book, packed with information!

  • Introductory information explains what Hardanger filling stitches are. There are photographs of historical and contemporary examples, and information about the equipment and materials used.
  • The Foundations for Fillings chapter has information on how to set up your Hardanger project for the fillings. It teaches you how to do satin stitch to edge the cutwork areas, some pulled thread stitches and how to cut and withdraw fabric threads: the things you need to complete before working the filling stitches.
  • The Filling Stitches chapter is packed with detailed stitch instructions for over 100 filling stitches and variations. Each stitch is taught in fully diagrammed, step-by-step format, with instructions for both left- and right-handed embroiderers. Clear diagrams and or photographs to help you see exactly how to work the stitch or technique, and concise written instructions explain each step. Many people find tension a problematic element of their filling stitches, so particular attention is paid to this.
  • A beautiful band sampler project will allow you to try out many of the stitches in the book.
  • pictorial index will help you to locate the motif you're looking for, at a quick glance.
  • A full written index completes the book.

Hardanger Filling Stitches SamplerSample pages from Hardanger Filling Stitches, showing step by step instructions with diagrams for each step and photographs

Filling stitches include: woven bars, wrapped bars, divided woven bars, divided wrapped bars, woven diagonals woven petals, twisted spokes, twisted cross, twisted Y, inverse twisted Y, curled V, rosette/struvor, dove's eye, triangular dove’s eye, dove’s eye with cross, dove’s eye cobweb, dove’s eye in a circle, square filet, double twist square filet, enclosed square filet, nutmeg, knotted picots, looped picots, chain stitch picots, beaded picot, beaded square, greek cross - quarter cross, reverse greek cross, greek cross border, greek cross circlet, heavy greek cross, maltese flower, woven fan - two spokes, woven fan - three spokes, woven fan with decreasing segments, woven quarter fan, reverse woven fan, spider web - single, spider web - three spokes, woven spider web, ribbed spider web, whipped spider web, three quarter spider web flower, buttonhole arc, buttonhole circle, buttonhole arcs with spokes, buttonholed petals, shuttle stitch, blanket stitch flower, buttonholed square, eyelets in woven fabric squares, corner eyelets with woven bars, corner eyelets with square filet, eyelets in corners with divided wrapped bars, simplified eyelets at intersections, buttonhole eyelets at intersections, drunkards path, festoon stitch, flower filling, wheel, edelweiss, queen anne’s lace, bullion flower, chain stitch flower, lacy daisy, soleil stitch, lacy buttonhole edge.

There are many more un-named variations shown. Please note that the names for some stitches vary from resource to resource, so the names used in this book might be different than the names you know.

In addition, there are instructions for foundation stitching such as klosters, satin stitch shapes, cable stitch, eyelets and four-sided stitch. There is also information on cutting and withdrawing thread, fixing cutting mistakes, starting and finishing threads, changing threads in the middle of cutwork, and tension.


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